Willerby BagChecker

The Willerby BagChecker has been developed to accommodate a number of key factors for lifting materials via a Willerby Landscapes bespoke lifting Bag to a roof top location.

Having an environmental advantage, the developed lifting Bags are reusable. This presents a need to ensure that the Bags are commissionable at every lift and comply to LOLER regulations for Health & Safety lifting operations. Consideration has also been given on the situation and operative management for checking the condition of the bags, before, during and after the lift. Currently there is a four-stage process of checks for each bag. The key factor is that the BagChecker App is real time for both front-end operative user and backend administrative and H&S management user.

On scanning the specific Bar Code for the bag, the App will inform the user the current status of the bag. It will state that the Bag was OK or Rejected at its last scan during the journey of the Bag to the location (from empty at the material supplier, when loaded, transported or last lift).

For example, if the Bag was filled and loaded on to transport and the final check identified damage occurred during filling, a scan will be taken and the Status will change to Reject, thus alerting the next user not to lift or use.

When the Bag is checked and before it is scanned, if the user identifies an issue with the Bag it can instantly be Rejected and an image can be taken which is automatically submitted to the Project Manager and Health & Safety Officer with the report. The H&S Officer will determine whether the Bag is to be decommissioned or warrants further inspection and LOLER tests.

Likewise, if the Safety Certificate has expired this too alerts the operative that it is to be Rejected and H&S management alerted.

There are several scenarios for the operative to be alerted that the Bag is or to be decommissioned or is OK for use. The following is not the definitive list;

A ‘real time’ database is updated for each Bag scan, including a picture of the Reject taken by the user. At any time, the user can access either on the mobile/tablet or desktop current live information and status of the Bag.