White Hart Lane

The soft landscaping on this project, which included the approaches to the stadium, involved us planting 52 semi mature trees with girths ranging from 100 to 120mm. Of the 10 bespoke planters installed, five planters are between the stairs to the stadium stands and each of these held a number of Pinus sylvestris trees ranging between four to five metres high. Two planters between stair case 9 and 10 and staircase 10 and 11 contained 12 Pinus sylvestris, which were also up to 5 metres high.

The five Platanus x hispanica (London Plane) trees in front of the Tottenham Experience in the High Road were installed in a 296m2 root space trench are up to 10 metres high and the three Platanus in Park Lane are also up to eight metres high. A standalone 6.8 tonne Pinus, affectionally known as the Tottenham Tree was planted on the South Stand Podium and was Tower craned and laid on a RootSpace 600mm high x 500mm wide upright, 20 tonne load bearing capacity system and then anchored with Platipus anchors RF3RP.

On receiving the go ahead to plant the staircase planters and receiving a bespoke recommendation from soil scientist Tim O’Hare Associates, we firstly had to lay drainage matting Roofdrain 60S+RX and a layer of Leca, a lightweight aggregate. Following this we laid washed sand and subsoil to 600mm, first fix on the irrigation and then added topsoil before installing the Pinus trees and plants and then the second fix on the irrigation.

Throughout the development we also planted over 8,000 shrubs. The planting palette within the staircase planters was a Populous design working with the Club, and included a number of grasses such as Carex pensylvanica, Carex eburnean and Luzula sylvatica, complemented with Trilliums, also known as wake robin, which are spring-flowering perennials, Euphorbia amygdaloides 'Purpurea' (Wood spurge) , Dryopteris erythrosora ‘Prolifera’ (Autumn fern) and Heuchera villosa ‘Palace Purple’ (Alum root).

The project also included a podium garden, the installation of artificial grass and three automated irrigation system.