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The Labyrinth

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

The Labyrinth <p>Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park</p>

Liverpool ONE

Liverpool ONE

Water Features

Willerby Landscapes has depth in its experience to design and install bespoke water features. We have many years’ experience in advising clients on the best ways of designing their water feature from being involved from the concept stage of a project to completion. The benefits in water feature design are accomplished by enhancing the surrounding landscape and creating the ultimate effect that parallels the local environment. Looking natural without showing how the feature works is key to a successfully installed design.  

There is something almost magical about flowing water and we are naturally drawn to water features and an elegant fountain or pond. If you want to add some flair to landscaping, bring sophistication to a garden or entrance, or harmonise with your natural surroundings, a water feature will help any property look and feel amazing. The addition of lights will also add sparkle to any feature at night. 

From our experience when properly designing a water feature, it is imperative that some details are worked out early in the design process such as material selections, splash considerations, reservoir and pool sizing, 

For all designed water features, we can provide the design and construction, complete with all the necessary electrical controls to either operate automatically or by metering.