The Triplets Atrium 360

Gasholders Nos. 10, 11 and 12 have been restored by a specialist engineering firm in Yorkshire, the gasholders returned to King’s Cross, their new home being north of Regent’s Canal. The Triplet frame has been re-erected around a series of apartment buildings where on the top of the buildings we have installed the roof gardens which provide magnificent views over the canal, parks, and the city beyond for its residents. 

The Gasholder residents  have access to the communal rooftop garden atop GH10, whose planting palette is by Chelsea Flower Show gold medallist Dan Pearson. The Penthouse residents, meanwhile, will have their own private gardens above Gasholder 11 & 12 which have also been designed by Pearson. The original design for the Gasholder Antriums were low walled features filled with small slate chippings. However we were asked to install specific indoor plants and ferns to complement the beautiful and peaceful interior.