Tapestry Roof Garden

Works start

Tapestry Roof Garden <p>Works start</p>

Setting Out

Dan Pearson Studio design

Setting Out <p>Dan Pearson Studio design</p>

A Rare Space

A Rare Space

Tapestry Building

The Tapestry Building Kings Cross is set alongside St Pancras Lock on Regent’s Canal and overlooks Gasholder Park the recently completed urban park which we have installed within the historic Gasholder 8 frame. The Tapestry roof garden is a communal podium garden space on the 8th floor and is designed by Dan Pearson Studio.

One of the things we wanted to build into the garden was the feeling that it was somewhere permanent and somewhere that had a life in it, that was also timeless’  Dan Pearson

Our works involved us installing 900m2 of hard paving and 600m2 of soft landscaping and as with most roof gardens it required us to lay load bearing void former for the paving along with over 700m2 of drainage board which is laid beneath the void former. In order to ensure we followed the design team expectations we prepared a mock up of a section of the garden down at our Four Elms nursery to present to the design team.

The garden included several interesting species of plants, which is in keeping with Dan’s planting palette across the Kings Cross Development.  The design has to consider the climatic conditions of the roof which is south facing and enclosed and will through the seasons be over shadowed sometime during the day.

We want the garden to be influenced by the seasons. We’ve got these four distinct times of year so the garden has seasonality built into it automatically, with autumnal interests, winter form and structure, trees and plants which will bring it to life in the spring, and in summer we’re going to use grasses and plants which have movement to capture the wind and the air. Dan Pearson

The centre piece within the garden are the four dwarf mountain pines (pinus mugo) a small tree with short, dark green needles and dark brown, ovoid cones which may fall or remain on the trees for years and the four Austrian Pines (pinus nigra ) which are prominent and give structure to the garden. These are complimented by the Pink Silk tree (Albizia julibrissin) a deciduous tree with attractive bipinnate leaves and fluffy rose-pink flower-heads which open in the summer. The grasses Dan has chosen ranges from the Siberian melic (Melica altissima 'Alba') the Lesser quaking grass (Briza media) and the orange New Zealand sedge ( Carex testacea)all of which are evergreen sedges which have many uses, providing winter and summer interest.

We have also planted over 2,400 perennials along with 32 domed topiary hedges.  Another feature of the garden is the inclusion of 46 boulders and several sawn green oak blocks, designed at the right height to sit comfotably. An enjoyable installation and a rare space unlike any other in central London.