Sky Garden

liscannor sandstone

Sky Garden <p>liscannor sandstone</p>

Finberry Ashford

natural limestone

Finberry Ashford <p>natural limestone</p>

Jubilee Park

vinalmont blue limestone 

Jubilee Park <p>vinalmont blue limestone </p>

Stone Walls

Natural stone landscaping adds beauty, permanence, and value to any commercial and residential hardscape installation. There are many ways to make small or large, simple or complex retaining walls visually pleasing. If designed well and constructed with quality materials, a retaining wall can be a focal point rather than something you try to hide.

Sleek contemporary lines can be combined with naturalistic stone to create a most innovative visual dynamic. By adding depth and height to a landscape retaining wall, it can become a seatwall which doubles the usability of an otherwise functional retaining wall.

Willerby Landscapes have installed a number of stone walls, ranging from contemporary to architecturally designed retaining walls, seatwalls and planters.