trial run

trial run


laying the foundation

establishment  <p>laying the foundation</p>

reed mats planted

reed mats planted


of 1km of sheet piles

removal  <p>of 1km of sheet piles</p>


the banks of the river lea

tranformation <p>the banks of the river lea</p>

Southern Wetland

Landscaping The River Lea

The Southern wetlands were established over the course of 2011. The works comprised of the removal of 1km of sheet piles behind which growing media was placed and re enforced reed mats were planted.

The removal of the sheet piles was challenging as the cutting level of 1.9AOD meant that the piles had to be cut below the water line. 

Testing The Theory

After extensive research and tests in Norfolk, Willerby Landscapes procured a plasma cutter utilised in offshore diving activities and developed a method of cutting that allowed this operation to be performed on programme.

All cutting works were performed from the river side, off a purpose built pontoon and the scrap piles were recovered off site via barge.


Working With British Waterways

The tidal nature of the river meant that extensive liaison with British Waterways was required and Willerby Landscapes employed a site manager specifically for this task.