Willerby Designed Mister

Willerby Designed Mister

Plant Room

Plant Room

2,100 linear mtrs

drip line irrigation laid

2,100 linear mtrs <p>drip line irrigation laid</p>

Sky Garden Irrigation

We have designed and installed two separate irrigations for the scheme, the ground floor system and greenwall systems operate independently, but utilise the same water storage tanks and control systems. 

The greenwall irrigation includes a remote monitoring and control system in order for the maintenance team to adjust and operate the water volumes and when they are applied.  The system is based in a dedicated irrigation plant room within the building basement; all control valves are within this location and then piped out to each individual zone.

The Sky Garden system also has a dedicated plant room below the garden; this system irrigates the trees, the ferns and the understory planting and in addition the systems use reverse osmosis, which extracts all minerals, nutrients and impurities from the water before it enters the misting equipment.

These misting units were designed by Willerby to be telescopic so that they can be raised in height up to 7m as the trees within the garden grow and are operated automatically in order to control the humidity levels within the garden to 75% humidity which helps to cool the area in the summer by five degrees. This ensures only pure water is expelled into the public space, avoiding the spread of bacteria such as legionella and preventing corrosion of pipework and metal.

The irrigation can be operated remotely by smart phone and will be maintained by Willerby’s for the duration of the 16 month defects period.

Finding the optimum route for the irrigation’s ducting and pipework was made possible by using 3D BIM (Building Information Modelling) schematics of the building. 20 Fenchurch Street was the first building in the UK to use BIM software and it proved invaluable in a structure of this size and complexity.