BSI PAS 68:2007


BSI PAS 68:2007  <p>V/7500[N2]/64/90:0.0/4.3.</p>

Protecting Buildings

Protecting Buildings


pleasing street furniture

Aesthetically  <p>pleasing street furniture</p>

Security Planters

Landscaping around buildings and public realm areas is being seen as a better and innovative solution for the protection of high profile buildings from terrorist motorised attack.

In response to a request by the Canary Wharf Group for a planter solution to protect buildings on its estate, Willerby Landscapes undertook to investigate a practical and pleasing solution. With a specific brief for the development, we designed and produced a planter with a shroud made of stainless steel that was in keeping with the HQ building it was required to protect.

This first generation planter, known as the Mark 1, was the first planter development undertaken by Willerby Landscapes. Designed to accommodate a large semi-mature tree, the planter went through rigorous impact tests.


Modifications were made based on the advice from a number of technical and scientific bodies.The physical bulk of the Mark 1 obviously is not suitable for many locations, so further development was undertaken to reduce the size and to offer wider appeal. Again, following consultation and research support from the UK Government Security Advisors, all versions of our planters were put through rigorous tests to ascertain the impact absorbency and the immobilisation of vehicles. With the introduction of the Mark V Security Planter, offering an additional size option and weight, this planter has been tested to BSI PAS 68:2007 impact criteria. 

BSI PAS 68:2007 certification details on the Mark V Security Planter:


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The Willerby Landscape Security Planter is a patented invention offering an alternative solution for the protection of buildings and high profile areas.