Level 13 Sedum Roof

Level 13 Sedum Roof

Level 11

Bespoke Planters incorporating seating

Level 11  <p>Bespoke Planters incorporating seating</p>

S2 Handyside

This is our 14th roof garden installation on the Kings Cross Development, S2 Handyside which overlooks Lewis Cubitt Park and Handyside Street. We started work originally under the main contractor Carillion at the backend of 2017 and the project was put on hold following their compulsory liquidation in January 2018.

Under the new contractor Midgard our works restarted in May and we continued where we left off in January.  240sq mtrs of green roof on Level 13 has been installed with sedum matting edged with large beach cobbles. The cobbles are used instead of gravel or pebbles to prevent the birds from picking them up and dropping them over the building which, from past experience on the Development, has been the case with the small pebbles.

On Level 11 we have installed bespoke fabricated powder coated planters which incorporate seating areas. The 124 sq mtrs of raised planters will be planted with herbaceous plants in the coming weeks. Some of the planters have been designed in collaboration with the fabricator to fit over the building ventilation shafts. This is in effect future proofing the installation as some time in the future an auditorium is planned and the vents will be required, but for the moment the unsightly vents will be hidden.     

In addition to the planters we have laid 85sq mtrs of Millboard carbonised chard oak decking, a material which is hand-moulded from natural timbers in a unique combination of resin and mineral stone. 83sq mtrs of lawn is to be laid but is on hold, as is good practice, due the summer heat, especially on the roof and the irrigation not being fully commissioned.