Royal Albert Docks E16 360

Covering an equivalent size of 35 football pitches the redevelopment of the Royal Albert Docks is well underway. The works on the first of the planned six phases has been completed, The site though will have 21 office buildings and a temporary energy centre are to be built.

Our works on th efirst phase is now complete. It encompassed a number of elements on the project; from soft landscaping which involved the groundwork and installation of over 60 semi-mature trees, hedges, perennial mixes and lawns, pre-fabricated plant containers, bespoke timber benches and street furniture.

This first phase required us to prepare the groundwork for the planting of the semi mature trees. Once the trench had been dug to its required depth and levelled, we laed load bearing geonet. We then installed the StrataCell 60 Series load bearing soil support module which allows more space for extensive root growth in large-canopy trees, bringing the tree-root system closer to the pavement surface, yet still supporting maximum traffic loads. The modules are filled with washed sand and a root barrier is laid around the perimeter of the StrataCell which we then fold over the cells thus allowing the ground work contractors to complete their works whilst protecting our first phase of the tree installation.

At this same time and in areas where ground works were near to completion, we attached the Root Director over the point where the tree is to be planted and then layed geonet over the sanded modules.