4 Pancras Sq

Kings Cross NC1

4 Pancras Sq <p>Kings Cross NC1</p>

30 Cannon St

London EC4

30 Cannon St <p>London EC4</p>

Tapestry Roof Garden

Kings Cross NC1

Tapestry Roof Garden <p>Kings Cross NC1</p>

Allen & Overy

corporate entertaining

Allen & Overy <p>corporate entertaining</p>

HQ1 building

Canary Wharf, London

HQ1 building <p>Canary Wharf, London</p>

Bevis Marks

London EC3

Bevis Marks <p>London EC3</p>

Central St Giles WC2

sedum roof

Central St Giles WC2 <p>sedum roof</p>

Roof Gardens

There have been several reports recently in the UK national press on the creation of living roofs which can be defined as green roofs, roof terraces or either roof gardens which may be accessible by company employees, residents or the genral public.

Why have a Roof Garden

Creation of gardens on city office buildings for either somewhere company employees can spend their breaks or soften the outlook from high rise office blocks, can quickly add value to employees work space or visually enhance their skyline views.

Why Willerby Landscapes

The benefits of Willerby Landscapes

Below is a 360 projection of 4 Pancras Sq Kings Cross


   Four Pancras Sq K Cross                          Tapestry Roof Garden K Cross           Triplet GH 12 Roof Garden K Cross