2012 Gardens


2012 Gardens  <p>installation</p>

Creating the Dream

Creating the Dream

Great British Garden

willow arch construction

Great British Garden <p>willow arch construction</p>

Park Construction for the Games

The Olympic South Park

This public realm works incorporated the construction of soft landscaped parkland areas and hard landscaped concourse areas in this formerly contaminated brownfield site. 

Our client at the time, the ODA (Olympic Development Authority) was the statutory corporation responsible for ensuring delivery of venues, infrastructure and legacy for the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The scope of works included excavation, drainage and ducting, the supply and installation of manufactured high performance sub and topsoils, contract growing and planting of trees and shrubs, the establishment of 25,000m2 of annual meadows, design and installation of a bespoke irrigation system, removal of 1km of sheet piles to establish a wetland environment, and the planting and establishment of the 2012 Gardens.


Due to the scale and diverse nature of the final landscape scheme, a requirement existed for extensive volumes of soil to be sourced with varying characteristics to suit each planting type;

•20,225 tonnes   Sub soil

•25,601 tonnes   Top soil

Detailed specifications were produced and the soils were manufactured to suit each individual type of landscape such as low nutrient soils for perennial meadows, wetland soils for marginal planting and general purpose for planting areas.

Soils were extensively tested to ensure conformity to specification and then imported to site via road or rail when appropriate.

Soil scientists were employed to supervise the placement of material to ensure best practice was followed at all times.