Relaxing Space

Relaxing Space

Lewis Cubitt Park

Lewis Cubitt Park's soft landscape scheme was designed by Townshend Landscape Architects and is similar to the London Squares built back in the 18th century. The design includes 11 Platanus Acerfolia (London Planes) with girths 40-45cm, 10 of which were planted within the 5 planting beds installed by us. These are beds under-planted with 2.0-2.5m multi-stem Aesculus paraviflora and 2-2.5m Clerodendron trichotomum var. fargesii.

The whole square and park consists of approximately 58 trees including an avenue of Platanus Acerfolia, and 6 Quercus rubra (Red Oak) with girths in excess of 60cm and weighing approximately 5 tonne each. Other trees within the park are Liquidamber styraciflua (Sweet Gum), Tilia cordata (Lime), Acer griseum, Cornus kousa chinensis (Dogwood) and Prunus serrula (Cherry). We planted some 4750m2 of turf along with 175,000 bulbs – Crocus, Eranthis, Galanthus and Narcissus.

The lawns are the principal area of the Estate and are heavily used. Organised events at weekends do have a big impact on the condition of the lawns, so much so, that special measures are required to quickly get the lawns up to an acceptable standard for weekday use by the local office workers and residents.

Over winter we implement a maintenance programme that includes sand slitting the lawns and over-seeding and top dressing. This was prior to the Christmas events, which following, returned the lawns to the same condition as seen in photo. Therefore in February the lawns were slit-tined, fertilised and  over-seeded and top dressed again.