Triplets Roof Garden

Triplets Roof Garden

Over 26 acres

parks, squares and open spaces

Over 26 acres  <p>parks, squares and open spaces</p>

Lewis Cubitt Park

new public space

Lewis Cubitt Park <p>new public space</p>

Handyside Gardens

Handyside Gardens

Gasholder Park

play space for local families

Gasholder Park <p><span>play space for local families</span></p>

Plimsoll Building

roof garden

Plimsoll Building <p>roof garden</p>

Battle Bridge Place

63 year old Swamp Oak tree

Battle Bridge Place <p>63 year old Swamp Oak tree</p>

Kings Cross Development

A vibrant new city quarter being transformed from under-used industrial wasteland. The Development encompassing 26 acres of parks, squares and open spaces which individual parks, squares and gardens are created by different designers. This gives a sense of consistency and unity, while allowing the designers to express their own style and personality.

Our scope of works so far has included the installation of a number of hard and soft landscaping schemes. The installation of Handyside Gardens, Lewis Cubitt Park and the trees in Granary Square, 2 & 4 Pancras Square roof gardens, the installation of the Battle Bridge oak tree, the Plimsoll and Tapestry building roof gardens, Gasholder Park, The Triplets roof gardens previously known as Gasholders Nos. 10, 11 &12 which were built for the storage of town gas for Pancras Gasworks. To date, around the Kings Cross Estate, this has involved us in the planting of over 440 different species of plants.

Our work at King's Cross has involved working with garden designers Laurie Olin and Dan Pearson, along with the plan guardian, Robert Townshend. 

The King's Cross Development team interviewed our head gardener Des Smith to get an insight on how he maintains the grounds around the continuing development and the public use of the gardens. Click on the image below to launch the video.

Because of the complexity of the site and the landscaping installations we have completed to date, we felt it was right for us to enter the BALI Awards 2016 to showcase our works on the various park and garden installations and the challenges presented to us in maintaining the grounds when close to 30,000 people enter the Estate to work and study on a daily basis.

The BALI National Awards were announced and we won the BALI 2016 Grand and Principal Awards for The Regeneration of King's Cross. This is an unprecedented 6th BALI Grand Award for works carried out by Willerby Landscapes during our 34 years of Landscaping. To read or download our case study on the King's Cross Regeneration submission click here



Having completed the Tapestry Building Roof Garden, a communal podium garden space on the 8th floor and designed by Dan Pearson Studio which has a south facing aspect, the roof garden is a gem, with Dan designing a garden which has seasonality built into it automatically, with autumnal interests, winter form and structure.

More roof garden installations have also been completed this year. No 4 Pancras Sq a large and irregularly-shaped wooden terrace that hovers above a moorland landscape formed of natural planting and small water bodies, R7 a building yet to be named but its pink! and of course The Triplets, the three Gasholders 10,11 and 12.  We start soon on a building known as R1 and that is four little roof gardens. So far to date we have completed eight roof gardens at Kings Cross.