International Quarter London IQL

We continue our involvement at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, in the newest development area known as the International Quarter London (IQL). This will be our eleventh consecutive year we have been working on the Olympic transformation project. Since 2009 we have installed the Willlerby Security Planters, the installation of the London Olympic South Park, 2012 Gardens and Stadium landscaping, maintenance of the 2012 Gardens during the Games, then in 2013 we installed our BALI Grand Award installation the QEOP South Park Plaza and Pleasure Gardens. In 2014/15 we completed The Canal Park and Here East project installations.

The IQL development has provided new homes, work spaces and retail outlets and following completion of the soft landscaping between buildings S5 & S6 we now commenced work on the area known as S9.

The S5 & S6 project involved us in installing the soft landscaping which comprised avenues of trees, not too dis-similar to The Promenade we planted back in 2013 within the Pleasure Gardens at South Park Plaza. Some of the trees such as the Tillia cordata (Limes) have girths between 90 -100mm and were planted within an avenue along with the Quercus palustris which have girths of between 90 – 100mm. In total we have planted 38 trees and over 8,000 herbaceous perennial plants within an area of 560 sq mts and working around the large Olympic Marker Tree, the Metasequoia glyptostroboides, which we planted a few years back.

Now with S9 this installation involves the installation of over 15,000 herbaceous shrubs and plants, 25,000 bulbs and 50 semi mature trees and an irrigation system. This area of the development included the service road and the installation of nine Acer platanoides (Norway maple). Due to the nature of accommodating the service lorries we planted the trees within a DeepRoot Silva Cell 2 - 3x system supports vehicle loadings equal to 32,000 lbs (14,500 kg) per axle, which allows use in areas that accommodate 3 - 4 axle vehicles such as those used for emergency, delivery, and maintenance.

Additionally because we were next to the Docklands Light Railway and the difficulting in planting alongside the current tight construction works on site, we had to hire a 20 tonne rotating telehandler and have DLR in attendance during the installation.