HQ1 Canary Wharf

Seen here below is a timeline on a roof garden built on a London office block where company employees watched the transformation of a grey and uninviting rooftop to a landscaped area which brings the outside within, for all to enjoy whilst they work.

As there was no permanent edge protection on the roof, we had to instruct the tenant of the the office block to install 78lm of Latchways VersiRail edge protection.  This was required for the construction and on-going maintenance and could not be viewed as a temporary measure.

Working with Canary Wharf Contractors it was agreed that material deliveries could be made during normal working hours. Getting the materials up onto the roof required agreement on what goods lifts could be utilised and ensuring that we lined the lift with protective boards.  A dedicated forklift was placed in the loading dock area to facilitate unload of the material. The agreed access route was put in place and reviewed for any protruding corners, doorways or vulnerable areas which also would be protected. 

We decided not to erect a scaffold and hoist arrangement on Level 13 of the building, but to install a scissor lift (2.3m long x 0.76m wide) which will be brought to this level via the goods lift.  The scissor lift was then used as the means of vertical transportation for personnel and materials.

Materials were delivered on a just in time basis into the loading dock of HQ1 and then offloaded and placed by pallet truck into the goods lift.

We commenced work by installing the perimeter of the planters along with the first fix of the irrigation system.  The planters were then infilled with the specified drainage layer, sand and lightweight soil.  In total 580 sleepers were laid, infilled with 16,400 bags of lightweight soils and planted with over 12,000 shrubs.