Trees re-potted in Tree Rings

Trees re-potted in Tree Rings

Irrigation Plant Room Drawing

Irrigation Plant Room Drawing

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December 2019

Following the handover to us, work recommenced to the irrigation plant room in early November and continued up to the completion of the installation of two water storage tanks; pumping systems for the roof gardens and façade gardens together with associated fixings and pipe works.

Every month we report to the main contractor our activity along with detailed photos of the areas we are currently working in. By doing so, this enables all stakeholders to see and catalogue progress as well as documenting historical status for possible future clarifications on the deliverable.

October 2019

Although our works officially do not commence until next winter, we are working diligently behind the scenes. Visits to nurseries, selecting trees, developing bespoke lifting bags and an App to checking safety and more recently receiving the handover to install the irrigation plant room has kept us busy.

Monthly meetings are taking place with the principal contractor Lendlease to ensure we are on track with compliance to the design and all the necessary safety issues around the build and of course our bespoke lifting bag.

Back in March 2019 trees were selected by Gillespie’s, as the selected landscape designers for the soft landscaping, together with representatives from Willerby Landscapes and Lendlease, from nurseries in Germany and thereafter transported to the UK where they currently are held at the Deepdale Tree Nurseries. Deepdale Nurseries have re-potted or air potted the majority of the trees with further potting on to carried out this autumn as weather allows.

As always on our projects for selection purposes, some of the species were in excess of the required numbers and a final tagging exercise shall need to be carried out in September 2020 in order to make the final selection and link the tag numbers to the locations on site for ease of ordering for the lift to the roof and planting.

               Acer freemanii “Autumn Blaze”                                     Tilia cordata “Greenspire”