RBS Campus

RBS Campus
 <p><span> </span></p>

120 acres

of mature landscape

 120 acres <p>of mature landscape</p>

Royal Bank of Scotland

Maintaining Social Responsibility

Gogarburn, a large campus style development set within 120 acres of mature landscape setting, located to the west of Edinburgh city centre, is the World Headquarters for the Royal Bank of Scotland. The main building within the campus comprises six business houses arranged around a central street layout, offering a range of retail outlets and meeting spaces. Included on the campus are nursery, leisure facilities, a 300 seat conference centre and business school.

A high emphasis is placed on environment and social responsibilities by the Bank. To service these requirements, we undertake regular inspections which are carried out by external ecologists. The estate is adjacent to the main flight path into Edinburgh airport and daily bird surveys are undertaken with the information being fed through to the BAA operational centre. Three burns, the Gogar, Ashley and Mill run through the site and a detailed water quality monitoring system has been developed by Willerby Landscapes with SEPA.

The Bank employees are actively encouraged to use the extensive grounds which encompass sports facilities and an extensive series of jogging tracks installed by us. There is limited public access to the grounds and with the campus operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, maintenance operations need to be carefully scheduled to ensure minimal disruption.

RBS, as a business, expects world class service as part of their corporate strategy. At Gogarburn they extend these expectations to the maintenance of the estate which we have succesfully fulfilled these past 15 years and have recently secured the contract for a further 4 years!.