Liverpool ONE

Paradise Street 

Liverpool ONE <p>Paradise Street </p>

Canary Wharf

Jubilee Park

Canary Wharf <p>Jubilee Park</p>

Fitzroy Place London

Fitzroy Place London

London Olympics 2012

London Olympics 2012

Public Realm Archives

We have great pride in the below projects and no more so than for the three BALI Grand Award schemes presented here, namely The Olympic Park, LiverpoolONE and Jubilee Park, Canary Wharf.  

LiverpoolOne continues to be the benchmark for a regeneration of an inner city shopping experience. Approaching 11 years in completion it is still an exciting scheme that continues to be of interest to students and future inner city regeneration planning.

As for Jubliee Park Canary Wharf, this unusual over a roof structure was a challenging and memorable scheme with its proximity to numerous other large construction projects and a range of constraints bringing about a number of dynamic solutions which launched us into the major civil engineering world. A BALI Grand Award winner in 2003, this scheme well deserves it continued exposure on our site and of course our continued involvement within the Canary Wharf development.