Google HQ in London

Google HQ in London

Battersea Power Station

Roof Garden

Battersea Power Station <p>Roof Garden</p>


RBS 127 acre site in Edinburgh 

Maintenance <p>RBS 127 acre site in Edinburgh </p>

Current Projects

We are working on a number of exciting projects in London, some of which we can report on and others we are contractually obliged to withhold reporting on.  Needless to say, a  fresh and vibrant improvement to the landscaped grounds of an office complex can add value to buildings and to the employee work experience and having worked within the landscape industry for some 37 years we have a vast knowledge, experience and an understanding of contractor and client requirements when consideration is due for hard and soft landscaping installations for corporate companies

We continue to install award winning landscapes, including roof gardens, which create a positive experience for visitors and employee relaxation. 

Whether it is the challenge of installing a public garden on the 37th floor of 20 Fenchurch St, installing a desirable outdoor space such as a roof garden in Canary Wharf London, the transformation of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in the newest development area known as the International Quarter London (IQL) or maintaining 127 acre campus for the Royal Bank of Scotland, we have established a reputation for professional installation of designs, delivering value in the completion of projects and of course maintaining them following completion.

Roof gardens seem to be in vogue at the moment and we are working on several sites in London installing roof terraces and gardens. 100 Liverpool Street, 80 Fenchurch Street, the new Google HQ at Kings Cross along with the Facebook building situated too at Kings Cross, and then of course there is Battersea Power Station, that iconic building south of the Thames.