Bird & Bat Boxes

With many new builds and landscape installations we are seeing part of the planning permission conditions include an Ecology Report on the development area.

One such project we are working on, Teddington Riverside, an Ecological Mitigation and Enhancement Scheme report by The Ecology Consultancy has recommended specific measures to meet these requirements.

We are familiar with the coordination of purchasing and installing Bird & Bat boxes having installed many during the QEOP Olympic Park build. The report identifies new opportunities for nesting birds so we have installed eight on the larger trees on the development.

There are two types of bird box, made from woodcrete, the Schwegler 1 MR and Open-Fronted Nest Box 2MR which will be suitable for a wide range of garden bird species. Additionally, we have installed eight bat boxes, again from Schwegler, the IFF is made from woodcrete and long lasting. These boxes will insulate occupants from extremes of temperature and condensation and are longer lasting compared to wooden boxes.