Original design

Herringbone style

Original design  <p>Herringbone style</p>

The installation

The installation

New design

The finished project

New design <p>The finished project</p>

Belgravia, London

In the heart of Belgravia London, we were invited to install a small courtyard garden specially designed by one of the Europe’s leading landscape architect companies. In doing so and taking on this small back garden installation, we quickly came up against some challenging issues mainly relating to logistics and the available storage space, which we shared with the architects and client.

Part of our deliverables is our ability to work with both the architect and the client, thus ensuring that expectations are met when commencing the install. What looks good on paper may not prove to be so in reality and, aesthetically too, may not be pleasing to the eye. Having the respect of the client is important and having an honest and business-like relationship key to having a successful installation for both parties.

During the site build we had made positive progress in line with our contract scope to complete a majority of the works, however, unfortunately the client’s requirements for the garden changed, therefore subsequently so did the design.

The architects were changed, new designs put forward and we were requested to undo our previous installation to return the courtyard back to a blank canvas and start from fresh. Following a very quick design approval process, works were quickly underway to fulfil the detailed specific requirements of the new landscaped garden design.

With our advice and consultation, we made several suggestions to the client on how to improve the installation and consulted very closely with the structural engineers, plant wholesalers and growers to ensure a finished project that would meet their expectations. Happily, the final out-come was a beautiful garden and a happy client and grateful landscape architect.