8.5 tonne Oak Tree

8.5 tonne Oak Tree

Battle Bridge Place Oak Tree

The completed works at Pancras Square had presented us with a challenging task of planting an 8.5 tonne tree in Battle Bridge Place which marks the entrance to the square, whilst construction was still taking place in and around the location.

In arranging transportation from the specialist nursery in Germany, and because of its size, the tree had to be tied in slowly over a period of three weeks in order for it to be loaded on low loader trailer and then travel through the streets of London without obstruction.

The tree pit, to take this tree, had to be dug at an irregular shape with a volume size of 41m3 to avoid services in the ground.

As with any semi mature tree planting, a detailed lift plan had to be put in place to accommodate the weight of the crane, which in this case was an 80 tonne, and to limit ground pressure by using pressure mats. Arrangements also had to be made to ensure the public were moved outside the potential swing area of the crane when lifting the tree off the trailer and manoeuvring it into place.

Using our own system of concrete ‘dead-man’ with ratchet straps to anchor the tree in place, the Oak was securely planted and the ties around the branches cut allowing the tree to form its natural state.

The Oak requires 150 litres of water twice a week when in full leaf and when it is hot, in addition to the 70 litres daily it receives from the irrigation system. Therefore it  is imperative the irrigation systems function well and are well maintained.