Ring of Gold!

Ring of Gold!

25 acres seeded

25 acres seeded

Annual Meadows Concept

Olympic Golden Ring

25 acres of wildflower meadows were created to form a colourful setting for the sports arenas.  Annual meadows were used predominantly in South Park to create a visually spectacular display during Games year in 2012.

The Olympic Development Authority (ODA) wanted to include large areas of ‘Pictorial Meadows’: the highly colourful and striking meadows developed by Professor Nigel Dunnett of Sheffield University that have become widely used in the UK.

The annual meadow areas in the Olympic Park were the largest areas of annual meadows ever to have been used in a park setting. 

Annual Meadow Installation

During five years of meticulous planning, including two years of trial runs on the site in 2010 and 2011, essential knowledge of optimal ground conditions and seed densities was obtained and the horticulture team developed elaborate pruning, irrigation and seed sowing regimes to make sure the plants peaked for the opening ceremony in July 2012.

The soils were prepared in conjunction with Tim O Hare Associates who audited each stage of the process.

The seeding window was identified as April 23rd – 10th of May 2012 during which point we prepared and sowed 25,000m2 of meadows.

Detailed readings of soil temperatures and moisture levels were taken and fed back to Professor Nigel Dunnett who advised on every stage of establishment.