Over 200 Trees Planted

Over 200 Trees Planted

2015 Olympic Stadium

Following on from the completion of two very successful transformation projects at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, the South Park Plaza Pleasure Gardens, a BALI 2014 Grand Award project and the Canal Park which runs alongside the Lee Navigation Canal, we were back again in March.

This time we were transforming the landscaped areas around the Olympic Stadium which we initially installed way back in the early days before the Olympics in 2012.

Having been awarded the contract, we worked full out to complete the works in time to allow the bedding in of the new landscaped areas before the Sainsbury's Anniversery Games which were held in July and the Rugby 2015 World Cup which commences at the end of August.

Our task was to re-profile the existing landscape to create new pictorial meadows, sowing T11 Tussocky Grassland Mix, T12 Dry Grassland and T14 Spring Meadow Mix seed.

Additionally, we have planted over 200 trees which include Tilia cordata, Quercus robur and Betula pendula to name just a few. Irrigation plays a part in the project too and we have extended the existing lines which we laid back in 2011.