feed for each plant

Irrigation <p>feed for each plant</p>

48,000 plants

48,000 plants

20 Fenchurch St

Opposite the south face of 20 Fenchurch Street sits an annex building and the largest greenwall in London containing over 48,000 plants.  In order to create this structure we teamed up with a company called Biotecture, utilising their hydroponic greenwall system. 

The plant palette and final layout pattern was developed following detailed discussions with the nursery and design team at Gillespies.

The wall is constructed using a series of containers each pre planted in a nursery. The panels are fixed to a temporary wall in order to start the growing process and then once established they are dispatched to site on flat trays and trolleys for installation.

The base wall structure is recycled plastic backing board fitted to a steel frame; this is over laid with a thin drainage layer that allows any excess irrigation water to drain out of the planting boxes and to the base of the wall. 

Each planted panel is open at the top and to the rear with an enclosed base, an irrigation drip line runs above each horizontal row of panels and emits water into the panel; most of this is taken up by the planting and any excess drains to the base of the box and then out to the rear. 

This eliminates excess irrigation water soaking into the panel below and subsequently over watering the lower sections of the wall.

The irrigation system is both monitored and controlled remotely in order to ensure that the water usage in minimised wherever possible.