10 Bank St Canary Wharf

We completed a unique installation of a public park in Canary Wharf, London. The client’s requirement was to install an aesthetically pleasing public park for recreational purposes in an urban space which had been excavated and earmarked for development, but would not be developed for several years.

The 4,500 m2 park is actually 30 meters above the ground excavation and sits on flame retardant EPS blocks supported by scaffolding piles. We carried out several loading trials with different products and monitored the loading restrictions during construction of the park. The client’s brief also required contemporary furniture; a modular, multifunctional design to suit future events which may be organised on the park and easily moveable. Our design team put forward its own recommendations which would offer the client value and presented a bespoke furniture design where a small fork lift truck could lift the platforms. We also put made a recommendation for a hardwood base constructed with Opepe, an extremely versatile, strong and attractive colour timber.

A perimeter boundary to the park was also requested and Willerby Landscapes put forward a unique furniture system designed by Cassidy Brothers of Co Donegal, Ireland. Another interesting part of the brief was the requirement to install 2,500 m2 Eden Artificial Grass with a 25mm rubber shock absorbing layer. The path through the park was installed using 70mm binder course finished off with a 30mm of Buff Ulticolour asphalt, providing a surface which is vibrant and very durable.

This unique bespoke park is another example where Willerby Landscapes, when called upon can offer its expertise in delivering a challenging and unusual landscaping installation. Constructed within the project timelines and with value engineering presented, Willerby Landscapes continues to be involved in development projects within Canary Wharf and has done since 1990.