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Experienced Team


seasonal correctness

Arboriculture <p>seasonal correctness</p>

Plant care

feeding & weeding plan

Plant care <p>feeding & weeding plan</p>

Lawn Care

disease & weed control

Lawn Care <p>disease & weed control</p>

Ground Maintenance Services

Supplier of garden maintenance services (Olympic Park) to the London 2012 Games

Our Grounds Maintenance Service ensures that all landscaped and planted areas, shrubs, trees, and seasonal bedding, etc are developed, monitored and maintained to the highest standard. As with our BALI Awarding winning contract at the RBS Headquarters in Edinburgh Scotland, we can also incorporate the cleaning of all roads, hard standings, parking areas and paths on a regular basis to suit all seasonal conditions. 

As the official supplier of garden maintenance services (Olympic Park) to the London 2012 Games, we were required to comply to a detailed service specification which required precise maintenance management and monitoring. One of the key instructions was maintaining the Gardens during the Games between 1am and 6am in the morning!! The high profile nature of the Gardens required our maintenance team to produce a high quality finish, with an acute attention to detail, to present the Garden to the same standard each morning prior to the public entering the Park


With high emphasis being placed on environment and social responsibilities by a number of our clients, we implement and manage all contractual requirements with regular inspections and audits by external experts when needed, along with internal expertise to oversee the management and reporting.

Garden care - Lawns

Whether you are looking for ground maintenance for corporate premises or residential and estate management, we can provide the expert care to ensure that the external appearance leaves the right impression for your business or home.  Our ground maintenance programme is not just about cutting grass, it is implementing a lawn care regime that includes aerating, disease control, fertilising, moss killing, scarifying, seeding, hollow tining, top dressing, and weed control.

Mowing the lawn at 1am in the morning in straight lines is a slight challenge, but do able as you can see during our Olympic Games maintenance contract;

Garden care - Bedding and shrubbery

Our experience was called upon at the Olympic 2012 Gardens where we planted and maintained 120,000 plants covering over 250 species. With careful plant husbandry and a feeding and weeding plan, we are confident that our expertise will ensure that your beds and shrubbery look their best across all the seasons.

Garden care - Tree surgery

We provide arboriculture services to our commercial and residential clients ensuring seasonal correctness when pruning. We take into account such factors as the blooming times of flowering trees and susceptibility to certain pests and disease. Correct pruning is important to maintaining healthy trees and also will ensure that the tree will heal quickly and properly.

Garden care – Maintenance plan


We can work to your existing ground maintenance specification or following a visit by our head gardener, we can put together a bespoke care programme for you to suit your budget.

Specialist services managed for you

Client sites, for example RBS, can even include bird surveys which we monitor at the RBS Gogarburn Campus in Edinburgh. The estate is adjacent to the main flight path into Edinburgh airport and therefore daily bird surveys are undertaken by us and the information is fed through to the BAA operational centre.

Additionally three burns, Gogar, Ashley and Mill run through the site and a detail water quality monitoring has been developed with SEPA which is also managed by us.

Life cycle/End use/Maintenance strategies

We also advise on maintenance and life cycle strategies, which can be a considerable capital cost on larger schemes and PFI contracts. On the London 2012 Project for example, we advised on matters relating to the proposed end use of the Village after the Games, such as:-