Based at

Four Elms, Edenbridge Kent

Based at <p>Four Elms, Edenbridge Kent</p>


ranging from £25k to £11 m

Projects <p>ranging from £25k to £11 m</p>

In-depth Quality Skill Set

experienced gardeners

In-depth Quality Skill Set <p>experienced gardeners</p>

Supporting the Community

conducting garden tours

Supporting the Community  <p>conducting garden tours</p>

We Respect

our environment

We Respect <p>our environment</p>

About Us

We are a leading commercial landscaping company and are based at Four Elms, near Edenbridge, Kent. From our modern headquarters, the company specialises in all disciplines associated with the installation and on-going maintenance of hard and soft landscape schemes, water features and specialist planters.

With over 34 years of successful high profile projects under our belt, we continue to expand on our services to provide enterprising landscaping solutions and innovations for our clients. Our reputation has been built on the basis of total commitment to meeting client needs and delivering expectations. Our senior management team between them has over 85 years combined experience, covering projects that range in value from £25k to £11m.

Our specialist facilities include a nursery for the containerisation of semi-mature trees; specimens up to 14 metres in height and with girths in excess of 1.4 metres are regularly handled. The facility enables trees and shrubs to be planted throughout the year and in contractual compliance with virtually any construction programme.

The company offers a range of project management services covering all aspects of cost control and programming through to installation and maintenance. Additionally, we have developed a small range of CPNI approved anti ram raid Security Planters tested to PAS 68:2007 standards. 

From pre-construction cost, design advice, bio diverse installations, green roofs and green walls, we are a commercial landscaping company who are well positioned, with an experienced and professional team, to provide all aspects of exterior and interior installations and ground maintenance contracts. Our comprehensive range of services provides a one stop shop for all landscaping projects.

We operate a policy of self-appraisal and continuously review our working practices in order to improve on them and to maintain our market position.

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